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Rachelle’s Sherbet


Mrs. Rachelle Pilares-Buenaventura



Our vision is to make quality sherbet and ice cream products available in all occasions; preserving the original delight of its traditional homemade taste all the time, and maintaining customer satisfaction as it increases popularity to reach target markets nationwide.


  • To provide quality, creamy and all-natural sherbet and ice cream products to any occasion.
  • To maintain or further improve the extraordinary and refreshing taste of the products.
  • To satisfy the market’s demands at any season all year round.
  • To increase productivity, variety, and popularity of the products.
  • To be able to offer healthier yet delicious options to consumers.
  • To produce / manufacture products using locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials.

Company Profile

… Where real goodness of true flavors and creaminess burst in every serving!


In 2010, Rachelle’s Sherbet & Ice Cream was established in Cacarong Matanda, Pandi Bulacan, to introduce and preserve the traditional home-made ice cream of Filipinos. It maintains to produce quality, creamy and refreshing all-natural products to its customers.

This refreshment, popularly known as sherbet, is made out of buko (young coconut fruit) with some sugar that was originally prepared by manual mixing and was frozen by the crushed ice around the tub. When the demands of people to eat sherbet got bigger,… Read More

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