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MAJ Sweet Shoppe Phils. Inc.

29 April 2020

Lorena J. Carlos



MAJ SWEET SHOPPE envisions itself as a trusted manufacturer of superior tasting sweets and delicacies for consumers anywhere in the country.


MAJ SWEET SHOPPE is a family-owned Christian business that is committed following:

  • Producing for its customers the highest quality sweets and delicacies that are delightful to their palates, healthy and worth buying
  • Structuring a manufacturing facility that is safe, environment friendly and compliant to standards set by the government
  • Providing jobs that will bring income to residents of Malolos City


  1. Commitment
    • The company is 100% committed to its Vision, Mission and culture as well as the satisfaction of its customer and the success of its employees.
  1. Integrity
    • The company is honest and truthful in all its dealings with customers, suppliers, and employees.
  1. Excellence
    • The company delivers products of exceptional quality and constantly innovates to maintain excellence at all times.
Department of Trade and Industry Philippines