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Luzon Dairy Cooperative

January 2015

Ms. Angela Blanco


Company Profile

In the hopes of bringing more value to their milk harvest, seven Bulakenyo dairy farmers established Luzon Dairy Cooperative in January 2015. Although the Cooperative is fairly young, most of our farmers have been in the dairy agriculture business since the late 80s and early 90s. We also have two veterinarian-farmers who share their expertise with the group.

Our milk supply comes from seven dairy farms from different municipalities / cities of Bulacan. It is pooled in our dairy processing plant in Santa Maria, Bulacan. Our plant has the ability to store and pasteurize up to 5,300 liters of raw milk. We also have a number of dairy processing equipment which helps us create different dairy products. To maximize the available equipment, the Cooperative also accepts toll processing for selected dairy products.


Our milk is pasteurized at a temperature that ensures it is safe for consumption while flavor and nutritional value are preserved. Compared to UHT milk, our method of pasteurization employs a lower temperature. UHT (ultra-high temperature) processing renders the milk sterile thus increasing its shelf-life but it also denatures the protein responsible for the creamy flavor of the milk & decreases its nutritional value.


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