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Lennie V. Food Products

29 April 2020

Lennie E. Velasquez



To be able to expand and develop a profitable business and in doing so, to be able to help and contribute to the community’s development as well.


To attract more markets by expanding our reach and making our product the number one “pasalubong” choice, domestic and international.

Company Profile

LenNie V. Food Product has been engaged in cornick production for more than five (5) years. Mr. Velasquez, together with his older brother has been in the cornick business for more than 30 years. They used to supply raw corn (from farmers) to big snack companies in the country. At first, the business was doing well but eventually, these snack companies opted to directly buy corn from the farmers and cut us from the business. After some time, my husband’s brother decided to abandon the cornick business and… Read More

Department of Trade and Industry Philippines