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Balai Kabute Farm


Kristine Salanap



To be among the leading mushroom growers in the country, providing high-value, high-quality products and sustainable agri-business that is meant to deliver solid returns.


1. To offer home-grown mushrooms and a variety of mushroom-based products that are fresh, healthy, and tasty.

2. To support minimization of agricultural waste by utilization of various materials as mushroom substrate.

3. To provide assistance to communities interested to adapt a community-based mushroom cultivation program.

Who are we?

Founded in 2015, Balai Kabute Farm started as a curious hobby of the owners which then progressed into a full-blown mushroom farm. The love for mushrooms drove the owners to further introduce them to the public, not just as fresh produce but also as a healthier snack option apart from the usual junk foods being offered in the market. Today, BKF is continually innovating and conducting R&D to explore other food options that will suit the discerning tastebuds of the customers.

Department of Trade and Industry Philippines